Kauai Concert Association


Kauai Concert Association was founded in 1974. This 100% volunteer organization has consistently brought world class entertainment at affordable costs to the island’s residents and visitors. Kauai Concert Association is Kauai’s only consistent presenter of classical music performances. KCA also focuses on supplementing the music education provided at our public and private schools on Kauai.


A large part of KCA’s mission is to provide music education outreach opportunities to Kaua`i’s students. Our Education Services Committee works with school administrators and visiting artists to deliver live performances and master classes all over the island.

KCA’s mission emphasizes educational service to the community and particularly to the schools. We regularly request the artists we bring to the island to do school performances and demonstrations, master classes, or other appearances in addition to their public performance. KCA’s goal is to make world class music available to everyone on Kauai.


Schools face ever-tightening budgets. Teachers are limited in funds and resources to create new and different experiences for students. Through our educational services, KCA has a positive impact on Kauai’s youth. We plan even more outreach opportunities this upcoming season.


Tickets for students under 18 are offered at a discounted price. We encourage you to bring students to performances and expose them to a wide variety of music.


KCA awards scholarships annually to deserving students who wish to further their education in the study of instruments, dance and voice.

One of the goals of KCA is to inspire and encourage Kauai’s young, musically-talented students. KCA provides scholarships to students who take private lessons to enhance their musicianship. Over the last four years, KCA has given $25,000 in scholarships for piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, voice and all areas of dance.

The scholarship recipients are invited to KCA’s concerts, allowing the students to witness first-hand the outstanding artists that come to Kauai to perform under the auspices of KCA. The students are also welcomed at the receptions following the concerts where they have the unique opportunity to meet the performers in person. KCA has an ongoing effort to explore and apply for grants and donors to expand the capabilities of the organization in the scholarship area.

Our Team

KCA is 100% volunteer run and produced.  If you’d like to contribute to world class music on Kauai, please patronize our concerts, consider donating or ask about joining the board of directors.